Kleos BA4 - The only furniture that fits your space

The Kleos BA4 modular office furnishing system allows an infinite number of combinations and organizational systems. Even for the most subjective configurations of your workplace you will find, thanks to the BA4 system, an optimal furnishing solution. The basic idea of the BA4 modular furniture system is to respond to the personal needs of the furnishing of your new office, in line with the request for a purchase on attractive terms.

Even before signing the order you will feel integrated into the creation process, you will no longer be a mere buyer but a partner involved in the development of your office furniture from scratch.

You can choose among endless variations of sizes, 12 standard colors and almost 2000 specials, in addition to the most varied ergonomic and organizational opportunities. All this, explicitly, of unexceptionable quality. This is our approach for the creation of advanced work environments.

Participate with us in the developement of your modular office furniture and decoration, the environment perfectly shaped to your requirements, since you are going to spend there most of the day.

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