Standing desk BA4.1 - Wired, height-adjustable electric desks

Kleos standing desks are all height-adjustable manually and electrically if requested.  The exemplary management of the cables is a sure standard for all the BA4 series of wired and height-adjustable desks. 

Forget all about tangled and messy cables all around, your desk will be from now on, clean and neat for you to work at your best. Completely wired, once connected to the network, all the necessary appliances of yourstanding desk can be plugged directly to the sockets (C13, USB, J45), which are located under the sliding worktop (pc, smartphone, printer, scanner, shredder, sideboard etc.). Then, on the side of the table, on request in side both sides, more sockets are installed, along with the main switch. Cables go directly to the main office desk sockets without going through further turrets, completely out of sight. The sideboard (BA4.2 – available with extra charge) can be connected via additional sockets, integrated into the standing desk too.

So, during the design phase of the BA4 desks and work tables, particular attention was paid to ergonomic aspects. All models are available, at an additional cost, with electrically adjustable worktops. All functions can be operated comfortably from the workplace.

Along with the BA4.1 standing desk, it is possible to combine different models of sideboards that, always on request, can be connected to cabinets of the same height, to create a single table top, for all your space needs.

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Wired, height-adjustable standing desk - up to 130 cm


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