Height-adjustable standing desk

Kleos BA4.10: the desk up to your height

The height-adjustable standing desk BA4.10 by Kleos is the answer to your body’s ergonomics demand. This because our body is not made to sit for long. Despite this, many professions require a long stay on a chair and in front of a desk for the most of the day.
It is therefore important, in addition to using a proper seat and ergonomics, to use ergonomically adequate desks.
Sitting improperly  in a static way could lead to muscular tensions and postural pathologies (muscle unbalance syndrome).
So, it is imperative for our health to keep our body in a dynamic state  during the working hours, avoiding to maintain  the same static position for too long.
Thanks to the Kleos BA4.10 electrically or manually adjustable desk, adjustable in height from 73 to 130 cm, you change your stance at any time, hence while working. Even standing up, you can bring the work surface to your favourite height, the one that ismore comfortable for you.
The height-adjustable standing desk BA4.10 contains, in addition to the ergonomic advantages described, many other new elements.

Design and functionality of Kleos standing desks

Tired of tangled cables, and the mess they bring on your desk and into your office?
The Kleos designers created the first “plug & play” height-adjustable standing desk. Connected to the electricity grid and the data network, the BA4.10 height adjustable desk becomes completely and brilliantly functional.

First of all, the vertical sides hide the actuators which allow the height-adjustment of the worktop. They also host the electrical and data sockets to plug your devices or program advanced functions, a true distinguishing element of this product.

Hence note that the consoles are on both uprights, so you can have both the sockets on the right and on the left of your desk.

Finally the consoles are equipped with different sockets type: C14 (power), USB for power and data connection  and RJ45 sockets (telephone and internet) so that any connection is within reach.

Hidden cords and cables, plug and work sockets

A dashboard resides, well hidden,  inside the desktop to easily connect any device. The dashboard, connected to the wiring system designed by Kleos, is connected to the consoles placed in the uprights, and includes four C13 sockets (power), four USB 3.0 (for power and data transfer) and two RJ45 (ethernet).

Accessing it is easy: by pulling the top floor you’ll access the panel and plug any device you shall need for your activities, keeping the cables safe and sound, well hidden to sight. Once your devices are connected, a simple push will reset the desk top.

On the edge of the desk resides a control panel featuring two additional USB 3.0 (electrical / telecommunication) sockets and the commands for height-adjustment and to memorize two heights which best suit  you. A display indicates the height of the floor from the ground in centimeters.

Starting from the summer of 2018, a larger dashboard with various home automation functions will be available on request. Therefore, this will allow you to control the lighting of the room, access control of your office, air conditioning directly from your desk, and many others.

Drawer USB socket

The desktop of the Kleos height-adjustable standing dsk BA4.10  is also equipped with three courtesy drawers:

  • a larger one to store keyboard and mouse
  • two smaller side drawers. Keys, business cards, pens or stationery items that you always need and are never at the right time.

One of the drawers is also equipped with a USB socket to charge  mobile phones.

The electric desk concept: sockets for any plug you shall need

On the console housed in the side upright of the standing desk , on request available for both uprights, access is gained by pushing the door positioned for convenience on the inside. The main switch (1) allows at any time the disconnection of the desk from external networks, thus disconnecting all the devices. The concealed console contains the following devices:

  1. Power switch
  2. Four USB 3.0 sockets, two sockets for the power supply and two for the telecommunications network
  3. Four RJ45 sockets
  4. Four C13 sockets (one for the main power of the desk and three for any appliances installed in the sideboard)

All the sockets inserted on the BA4.10 heigh adjustable desk are intended for connection to the external network and / or to the sideboard connection (available on request). If both uprights are equipped there is a switch that allows you to choose which console to use, depending on the position of the desk, thus isolating the other.

All the colors you can dream of ... and more.

A beautiful choice of 12 elegant colors complete the Kleos BA4.10 desk, plus, customized colors are available on request, according to the wide choice offered by Blaze of Colors by Kleos. Also, Kleos specifically created the additional desk sideboard BA4.20, perfectly compatible and available in different versions. The sideboard too offers the possibility of connecting other working tools such as printers, scanners, shredders and / or other documents, all hidden with their cables: neatness meets technology and comfort.

Kleos BB4.10 Technical data


  • Lengths available in mm: 1600 – 1800 – 2000
  • Widths available in mm: 800 – 900 – 1000
  • Variable height, through electric actuator and electronic control, from 740 mm to 1280 mm.


  • Exclusive Kleos design


    • The surfaces are made in MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) wood fiber.
    • Structural and ornamental parts are in polished or chromed aluminum.


    • Eco-friendly polyurethane paint available in 12 standard and almost 2000 special colors – Satin (12 Gloss)
    • Anti-scratch treatment


  • Desk floor lifting column
  • Max. Force: 800 N
  • Max. Speed: 38 mm / s
  • Fixed panel control
  • Quality certification GS


  • Modesty panel h. 400 mm (fixed height from the ground about 273 mm)


The desk is equipped with a unit with the following sockets:

  • C13 power socket
  • Phone/data ethernet RJ45 sockets
  • USB sockets

Further units can be installed on request


Download  BA4.10 Technical data sheet