BA4.4 - Office cabinets​

The most evident peculiarity of the Kleos cabinets are the clean lines and the solid design. Entering into details, the advantages offered by the system are unmistakable.

Let’s start from the back, whose thickness is 16 mm, which not only gives the cabinet an important backbone, but takes on other important functions. Surely you will not have missed it as many closets protrude from the wall. The reasons are many: skirting boards, cable ducts, wrapped with integrated sockets, pipes mounted on the surface (in old buildings). Thanks to the offset rear wall of the Kleos cabinets, all surface installations become invisible and the cabinet is positioned in perfect line with the wall.

The cabinets are available in different depths, from 400 to 600 mm, with 50 mm range. This variety of depth leaves nothing to be desired for the various equipment inside. The cabinets can be supplied with integrated safe, refrigerator, built-in drawer units, additional compartments, with wardrobe or suspended folder devices. If your project should include a cabinet in front of a radiator, no problem, Kleos has the right solution.


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