Office chair BB112 – Swivel chair

Office chair BB112 – Swivel chair covered in fabric

The Kleos office chair BB112 is a modern swivel chair for any worklace. This ergonomic chair adapts automatically to the weight of the user from 45 kg to 135 kg. This, thanks to the mechanism that also allows the seat and backrest to move synchronously with a 3:1 ratio with a proportional resistance and inclination up to 20.5°. 

The office chair BB112 seat is covered with high quality fabric, and also padded with a polyurethane foam cushion. Meanwhile the seat height of this ergonomic task chair varies from 400 to 520 mm, the depth is manually adjustable. Plus, the office chair BB112 backrest, 610 mm high, is in mesh to grant greater freshness during the hot season. This task chair lumbar support resides behind the backrest and is perfectly adjustable in height and back pressure. 

Even more: the nylon ergonomic armrests of the office chair BB112 are adjustable in height, width and position. Finally, the metal parts, the base, the piston and the supporting columns of the armrests are beautifully chromed in aluminum, to certainly satisfy the highest style requirements.

Office chair BB112 technology

  • Polypropylene shell
  • 3: 1 inclination ratio (backrest / seat)
  • Seat height adjustment device
  • Backrest inclination device with 4 end positions between 0 ° and 20.5 °
  • Backrest inclination lock at 0 °
  • Self-adjusting back-pressure counter-pressure device for body weight from 45 to 135 kg
  • Integrated rail for sliding seats
  • Made of polypropylene composed of two shells
  • Seat width: 470 mm
  • Seat depth 445 mm
  • Sliding on rail, stroke 100 mm
  • Foamed cushion in flexible polyurethane
  • Standard version in black fabric
  • Polypropylene frame backrest
  • Covered with black polyester mesh
  • Height 610 mm
  • Height adjustable lumbar support
  • Integrated back support
  • Armrest support in polypropylene
  • Support (PAD) in soft polyurethane 236×97 mm
  • Adjustable in width, stroke per side 35 mm
  • Height adjustable, stroke 100 mm
  • Adjustable longitudinal support stroke ± 30 mm
  • 30° rotating support in 15 ° steps
  • In polished aluminum
  • 5-spoke cross
  • Diameter 680 mm
  • Height 81 mm
  • Steel piston
  • Adjustable in height
  • Black color
  • Piston cover in black polypropylene (optional)
  • Five polypropylene casters
  • 60 mm diameter 
  • Available in free or braked without load version, and for hard or soft floors

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The Kleos swivel chair BB112 is available in the following colors:

KleoTex Hydra fabric

The swivel task chair BB112, as many of the Kleos ergonomic task chairs, is available in different colors of your choice, covered in KleoTex Hydra fabric. Resistant to light, stains, fire and beautiful to see, it combines elegance with safety and durability over time.