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Kleos Raised floors style and finishings

The Kleos raised floors combine office optimization  with elegance, thanks to the wide choice of coatings.

Each of our specific paving series can be covered in different materials and colors and our offer is constantly expanding.
A wide range of prestigious coverings is at your disposal, for a perfect aesthetic result that combines with the technology of Kleos floors.
Our panels, in particleboard or in calcium sulfate, match with a wide range of finishes: carpet, stainless steel, all in the most varied shades of color … you’ll be spoiled for choice.

Our coating types include:
• Resilient (PVC, linoleum and rubber)
• High pressure plastic laminate
• Natural or reconstituted marble and granite
• Stainless steel
• Parquet or carpet
• Porcelain stoneware

in a vast assortment of colors.

Here are some examples of the extensive customization at your disposal.

Gres Newport:

Gres Titan:



Gres Lounge: