Wooden conglomerate panels

Kleos wooden conglomerate panels

BC1001 panels are made of a core of wooden conglomerate and high density resins (> 720 Kg / m3), of standard dimensions 600 × 600 mm.

The wooden core of the panel is protected from moisture by a thin sheet of aluminum applied to the lower base and side seals, which ensure perfect adherence and minimization of joints between panels.

The BC1001 panels are available in different thicknesses, which define their performance, both in terms of capacity and acoustic insulation.

If necessary, the flow rate of the floor can be increased through the application of a slab.

Finally, a wide choice of finishes in different materials and colors allows any aesthetic interpretation of the floor.

Technical information 

Panel: Wooden conglomerate and high density resins, emission class E1, aluminum foil (under) against humidity or galvanized steel sheet for flow reinforcement, side seals against humidity and sliding.
Load capacity: 1 kN – 3 kN
Weight 31 kg / m² – 69 kg / m²
Standard finished floor height: 28 mm – 1200 mm
Thickness: 28 mm – 38 mm
Standard dimensions: 600 mm x 600 mm (other dimensions can be made on request)
Electrical resistance: ≥ 106 Ω


Reaction to fire: Difficult to ignite
Resistance performance: F 30, REI 30

Noise reduction: ≥25dB