Calcium sulfate panels

Kleos calcium sulfate panels

The BC1003 panels in monosilicate are composed of anhydrous gesture and high-density vegetable and inert organic fibers (> 1500 Kg / m3).

Nominal size: 600×600 mm; variable thickness from 30 mm to 34 mm. The side seals ensure perfect adherence and minimize the joints between panels.
A wide choice of finishes in different materials and colors leaves room for any aesthetic interpretation of the finished floor.

The base material provides maximum safety in terms of reaction and fire resistance, and due to its density ensures high efficiency in acoustic insulation.

BC1003 are the ideal panels for the fourxfour application, with extraordinary qualities of resistance to loads, and characteristics of strength and integrity that remain unchanged over time.

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Technical information

Panel: Anhydrous calcium sulphate with very high density (> 1500 kg / m3), reinforced with cellulose fiber, emission class E1, possible application of a sheet of galvanized steel to increase the capacity of the flooring, side gaskets in self-extinguishing plastic material against humidity and flow.

Load capacity: 1 kN – 3 kN
Weight: 56kg / m² – 74kg / m²
Standard finished floor height: from 30 mm to 1,200 mm
Panel thickness: 30 mm – 34 mm
Standard dimensions: 600 mm x 600 mm
Electrical resistance: ≥ 106 Ω

Fire resistance:

Reaction to fire: not combustible
Resistance performance: F 30, REI 30

Noise reduction: ≥25dB