BC1005 Illuminated floors


Illuminated floors

Lighten up your floors.

Kleos BC1005 illuminated floors are made of glass panels, transparent, opaque, available in many colors, allowing the light coming from a source located under the floating floor to shine through.

Kleos BC1005 guarantees aesthetic of great quality and effect. The glass panels are compatible with the support Kleos FourxFour system and can be combined and alternated with any other Kleos floor solution, leaving space for creative and unique interpretations.

The raised glass floor leaves space for sophisticated light installations to achieve the maximum illuminating effect.


Main features:
• Three-layer glass panel
• Compatible with Kleos FourxFour system
• Can be made in different sizes
• Different transparency effects

Technical information

Panels: In compressed glass, with different degrees of transparency, on request with a printed anti-slip design
Loading capacity: 5 kN
Weight: 89 kg / m²
Standard finished floor height: From 28 mm to 1,200 mm
Panel thickness: 38 mm
Surface dimensions: 600 mm x 600 mm

Reaction to fire A2 / A1 (non-combustible)