BC1009 KleoTherm®


KleoTherm® - Thermal floors

How much do you spend on heating?

Meet the new KleoTherm® system, an exclusive heat distribution system applied to the BC1003 panels, for which it is sufficient to install a small boiler to manage the temperature of large rooms and optimize consumption.

Kleo Therm®: a homogeneous irradiation of the temperature, constant and at limited costs, that will surprise you.
KleoTherm® is a patented technological system combining the advantages of a raised technical floor with those of a radiant heating system.

KleoTherm® module. Ready to use

The Kleo Therm radiant panel, ready to use, consists of:

  • a module of thermally insulating material, square in shape;
  • a pipeline for fluids with an inlet and an outlet, in addition to a heat diffusion plate;
  • a second panel composed of a support in calcium sulfate (Kleos BC1003), paired to a finishing surface made of thermally conductive material, which can vary to meet your needs and tastes: stoneware, parquet, carpet, but also ceramic, stone, metallic floors, glassy etc.

Like all raised technical floors, the panels will be laid on traditional steel support feet made of:

  •  a base resting on the slab, complete with stem and support plate towards the panel;
  • steel connection sleepers;

We recommend the use of our patented “FourxFour” gasket, which guarantees precise, rapid and quality installation, as well as saving the use of sleepers.

KleoTherm® BC1009 characteristics:

  • The insulating module designed to accommodate the aluminum piping reduces heat loss to a minimum;
  • All thermal energy is then transmitted to the panel to which the module is applied, which naturally transmits it to the environment.
  • During the operation of the heating system, therefore, the maximum yield is obtained, with a loss of heat of the minimum radiant liquid, with consequent excellent energy saving.
  • The Kleos BC1003 panel, with any finishing you shall need, is the best vehicle for transmitting to the surface the amount of heat needed and maintain the required temperature for a long and constant time.

KleoTherm® thermal floor – Technical data

    • Panel size 600 mm x 600 mm;
    • Ideal number of panels that can be connected in series: 5 (five);
    • Radiant surface of 5 panels: 1.8 m2;
    • Thermal power absorption by 5 panels 1.8 m2: 174.25 W;
    • Thermal power yield emitted in a 5 panel environment 1.8 m2: 147.5 W;
    • Delivered water temperature: 45 ° C;
    • Water heat jump (series of 5 panels): 5 ° C;
    • Surface temperature: 28 ° C;
    • Exponent n: 1.1;
    • Water flow through 5 panels in series 1.8 m2: 30 l./h .;
    • Pressure drop series of 5 panels 1.8 m2 including fittings: 10KPA = 100mb = 1m. H2O;
    • Serpentine operating pressure; 10BAR at 45 ° C;
    • Maximum water temperature: 50 ° C.