Self-laying stoneware

Kleos Self-laying stoneware

The Kleos solution to cover old floors.

If you need to cover an old floor and renovate your rooms, here is the universal solution: without glues, without special equipment, without wasting time because it can be walked on immediately after installation.
The self-laying stoneware plates are removable and replaceable at any time, keeping intact the characteristics of the floor and do not require long application times.
BC1011 is designed to renovate the floor without removing the existing one, or for installations on bare floors, without constraints of dimensions or geometric designs.
It is also suitable for covering floating floors or for hiding old glued coatings.
Kleos BC1011 consists of a slab of porcelain stoneware coupled with a thin layer of anti-pollution material.

The plates are available in the standard size of 600×600 mm but can be made on request in any needed size.
The edge consisting of a polyurethane band ensures almost complete elimination of the joints; the only essential constraint is the correct planarity of the application plan.

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Features and advantages:

BC 1011 is the perfect solution to install, replace or renew your traditional or raised floor. A self-laying system able to guarantee an excellent aesthetic level of realization.
BC1011 is the ideal solution to:

  • renovate of existing worn out floors 
  • combine the need for renovation with the need to withstand large volumes of traffic, without affecting the value of the existing flooring
  • save time on construction and posing.

BC1011 is also characterized by its high resistance to static and dynamic loads, the very high soundproofness to trampling, as if it were glued to the support surface, and the characteristic of the lower covering that allows to preserve the state of the surface on which it is supported.

To perform the installation, few essential work tools are required: a suction cup for lifting and laying the tiles, a ceramic cutter and a cutter.
For the installation of BC1011 no adhesives are necessary and each tile can then be applied and removed without difficulty and once paved the floor can be walked on immediately.

The simplicity of the system and the speed of application will contribute to determine extremely low installation costs.
The precision features of the BC1011 system always guarantee a result of high aesthetic value.

Self-adhesive stoneware technical data


Dimensional deviation: EN 12825 – Class 1
Electrical resistance: EN 1081 – ≤1010 Ω ohm
Electrostatic resistance behavior: EN 1815 – ≤ 2 KW physiological antistatic
Fire behavior: EN 13501 – non-flammable
Planarity: EN 14411-G / EN 10545-2 -> + / – 0.5%
Surface water absorption: EN 10545-3 -> 0.09%
Resistance to abrasion: EN 10545-6 -> 175 mm²
Resistance to chemical agents: EN 10545-13 – no damage
Resistance to stains: EN 10545-14 -> 5
Flexural strength: EN 10545-4 – 40 n / mm²
Anti-slip: EN 10545-4 – R 10
Weight:> 30 kg / m²