Customer care

All our products are guaranteed for 5 years.

Every Kleos product comes with a validated certificate with delivery date; the warranty covers any congenital product defect and any damage not due to negligence and misuse of the product.

Our maintenance program will also guarantee the perfection of all Kleos products for a long time. By planning periodic visits to your offices, our technicians can carefully check every detail of the Kleos production, checking the settings, the functioning of all the mechanisms and preparing any necessary interventions.

Kleos products are subject to a complete series of source tests that guarantee a high level of durability and strength for each component. However, should there be a problem, our technical service is able to intervene quickly in your offices for minor repairs or, in the case, for the complete replacement of the product.

In case of need you can contact us at the following address: 
Or you can contact us directly through the appropriate page.