Kleos - unmistakable design

Every Kleos design object is born from an idea aimed towards the satisfaction of a need, emerged from the continuous comparison with the reality of the market.

Each idea is discussed, studied, examined and put on paper. Below, with the most current technological means, it is transformed into a project that details its lines, matter and components.

The Kleos team consists of skilled designers and proven designers who have worked together for years. The goal is to analyze each detail of each product. Always under the control of technical and practical solutions, our constant commitment is to transform good ideas into high quality objects. A focus on the economic sustainability of our products, in a continuous search for an accessible quality but without compromise.

Project, research and creativity

During the design phase the object undergoes continuous changes. Small and large fixings are made, in order to improve the structure, the finishings and mechanics. All this, until the moment in which we proceed to the realization of a phisical model. A prototype is then created, which makes it possible to verify the product’s response to the desired characteristics. The prototype is useful also to test the resistance to wear and the compatibility of the individual components with each other.

When the prototype corresponds to the original idea and proves to be industrially feasible, the logistics and production structure of Kleos intervenes. The next step is to create the necessary molds for mass production and identify and procure the raw materials of the best quality, with care and skill worthy of a craft environment.

The whole Kleos design department works for this: it is dedicated to offering our customers a solid and professional series of office furniture. We aim at the best ergonomics for your chairs and guest seats, for the best conceivable workplace.