Kleos ergonomics

Ergonomics is the scientific discipline that studies the relationship between person and environment, and that in particular deals with problems related to human work in relation to the design of machines and work environments, in order to indicate the most suitable solutions to the psychophysical needs of workers and at the same time those of production.

How many hours do we spend sitting each day? On average 12-15 hours and more.

There is a strong risk of suffering from backache, neck pain or swollen legs due to incorrect positions.
Yet the solution to find some relief exists: it is about learning to sit in the correct way for the body on appropriate sessions.

When choosing an office chair, for example, there are some details that can be defined as essential: the adjustment of the seat height, which is fundamental to allow the fluid circulation of the blood in the legs, the height and width adjustment of the armrests, assume positions of the arms that do not afflict shoulders and neck.

Even a tilting backrest has a significant importance when it is advisable to define a dynamic session, in which there are alternating positions of tension (forward) and relaxation (leaned backwards).

The attention to these details is very important, as they are healthy for the individual, but also because they can bring significant economic benefits to the company and to the whole community, to reduce costs of absenteeism and medical care.

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