Kleos – Compositeur d’Espace offers a complete modular system of office furniture for your workplace: height adjustable standing desks to work standing or sitting, or on request, electrically height-adjustable, wired and equipped with a programmable control unit. In addition, to completely design your office, Kleos presents a wide range of office swivel chairs. All covered in leather or fabric, the Kleos office chairs offer extremely wide ergonomic possibilities. Finally, Kleos produces robust, customizable office furniture to meet any need.

Drawers, caddies, space dividing cabinets, sound absorbing panels … everything necessary for the perfect office configuration, adaptable to any type of activity.

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Kleos BA4.10 electronic height-adjustable standing desk
Kleos meeting room

Kleos task chairs, guest seats and conference seats.
All Kleos task chairs are especially conceived to combine elegance, ergonomics and durability over time. All are manifactured with the best of care and quality materials and the refinement of the design, to match any office furniture and grant health and ergonomics.

Available now:
BB100, task swivel chairs for every office;
BB200, elegant seats and highly configurable executive chairs;
BB600: the guest, lounge and executive seats upholstered in precious leather, an exclusive design by Kleos.

Coming soon: new coordinated chairs and seats.

Kleos raised technical floors: the best technology and optimization for the office, thanks to the innovative FourXFour system.

All the cables and pipes will be well-hidden under your feet, invisible from sight and installed to offer the maximum safety. Explore the possibility to heat the rooms of your workplace entirely, and to cut the heating expenses thanks to the innovative KleoTherm heating floor. Also, you will be able to design your perfect style for your office thanks to a huge selection of elegant finishes.

Because combining technology and elegance is our goal.

Technical raised floor

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