Kleos 4×4 System


High technology raised floors

Kleos FOURxFOUR System – high-tech raised floors

Kleos FourxFour is an exclusive patented system, designed to give absolute stability to the raised flooring structure. A special gasket is placed above the adjustable galvanized steel column. The gasket is equipped with conical points and panels prepared with riverbeds corresponding to the points, to grant perfect connection between the panels and the underlying structure.
The elements thus assembled block the system firmly, giving absolute stability to the flooring.
The use of the FOURxFOUR gasket, with its tapered columns, is able to guarantee the integrity and compactness of the raised technical flooring for the entire time of its use, beyond and better than any common raised technical floor mounting system.

Say goodbye to old, rickety office floors: Kleos can offer you so much more.

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FOURxFOUR is also available in the anti-seismic version, which thanks to particular and unique production measures, increases the safety of the occupants who must leave the premises quickly in case of a seismic event.
The flooring equipped with the anti-seismic FourxFour system has been tested at EUCENTRE – European Center for Training and Research in Earthquake Engineering – Pavia.

Here is the report with the results:

Eucentre test

Vibration test on systems for raised technical floors

The tests were carried out by the EUCENTRE – European Center for Training and Research at Earthquake Engineering in Pavia, on systems with slightly different details but with the same size in the plan (3×3 panels). The system has been reproduced by means of adjustable metal columns with a tube welded to a plate, glued (or screwed) in the lower part to a multilayer wood panel, used as a connection interface. An adhesive based on reactive silane was used for bonding. On the upper plate of the metal column, the FOURxFOUR system was set up, initially in polyurethane and then in polypropylene. The floor was made with panels (600x600x44 mm) in calcium sulphate with porcelain stoneware finishing, bound on the gasket thanks to conical connectors. The test consisted in the application of the seismic excitation at the base of the structure object of the test, in correspondence of the constraint between the metal columns and the multilayer wood panel, rigidly connected to the upper part of the metallic vibrating table. For the tests an accelerometric recording of the Aquila earthquake of 9 April 2009 was used. At the end of the test cycles, the structure and the pavement, subjected to accelerometric tests equal to 4.5 times the earthquake in L’Aquila, did not reported a significant level of damage.

The substructure, the heart of the raised flooring.

The substructure is a crucial technical element for a floating floor. The Kleos system has feet of any height, able to solve any situation, to hide any system up to over one meter in height. They are easy to install, of variable height, with high load capacity and made of anticorrosive materials.



  • in galvanized steel
  • variable height from 25 to 1075 mm
  • above 500 mm in height, horizontal reinforcements are recommended
  • special support gaskets on the ground pedestals allow excellent sound absorption
    prepared for the application of horizontal joists
  • prepared for application of self-centering FOURxFOUR system
  • Adhesion to walls – is obtained by applying sealing tapes
  • Structure stability – it is recommended the use of a sealing paste to ensure a persistent adherence of the pedestals to the ground below

Kleos floors have an excellent load capacity. However, if a higher level is needed, we can reinforce the structure with reinforcement bars in various sizes.

An eye on security:
All Kleos panels guarantee high resistance to fire.