Strenght and resistance

Aluminum: the Kleos perfect choice.
Aluminium is the metal with which the supporting structures of many of the Kleos office chairs are made, the profiles and some structural parts of furniture and the insulation in the floors.

The metal parts of the chairs of the BB600 series, for example, made on a Kleos design registered with WIPO as an international patent, are the extraordinary result of a die-cast aluminum casting in the appropriate molds, forged with care and passion by the best foundries.

The finishing elements of furniture and walls as well as some load-bearing components are the concrete result of extrusion obtained from unique matrices, with aluminum alloys selected for their strength and plasticity.

Aluminum is one of the most common elements on our planet, and its lightness and ductility properties allow it to be used in an infinite number of industrial processes. Furthermore, the possibility of casting it in alloy with many other minerals in different proportions allows to vary its mechanical qualities, making the metal according to necessity, more flexible, or rigid, more or less conductive, or resistant to corrosion.
A further highly appreciated feature of aluminum is its ability to defend itself against oxidation, thanks to the formation of a very thin layer of oxide that prevents oxygen from attacking the underlying metal.
From the aerospace industry in which it is used in the construction of many components of the shuttles, to the housewife who uses it to pack food to be kept in the refrigerator, anyone has had the opportunity in life to appreciate the qualities of aluminum.
In addition, this metal has the great characteristic of being easily recyclable, re-establishing infinite times, and reproducing a different object each time, from a can to a tap, from a tube to a radiator, from the armrest of an office chair to the profile of a window, from a tank of space fuel to a mocha for coffee.