The Kleos BB129 office chair is now available in twelve, very elegant colors and the Tecnosoft upholstery, a velvety alcantara effect fabric. A durable ergonomic chair, but covered with our more soft and enveloping stain-resistant fabric. This, to ensure undoubted comfort and facilitate your long hours of work.

Immerse yourself in the colors of autumn: in your free time, but also in the office!

The beauty of this ergonomic chair for every work environment is in fact combined with support for your posture. The season is rapidly coming to an end and the days in the open air are reduced. So help your back in anticipation of the days of inactivity, with the correct ergonomic adjustments offered by this magnificent office chair.

The beauty of the shiny and sturdy legs and column in polished aluminum is the final touch of elegance.

Kleos BB129: the most important work tool you could want for your workstation.

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