Kleos Upholstery

KleoTex: a choice of high-strength and easily washable fabrics, selected to maintain the original features for a long time in the everyday use of the Kleos office chairs.

KleoPel: a selection of European adult bovine skins, appropriately treated to ensure a high resistance to rubbing, and to comply with the rules regarding the reaction to fire.

Our fabrics are easy to clean from any stain justh with a simple damp cloth; the Hydra fabrics are especially water resistant: they easily repel stains and penetrate liquids into the fibers.

Wear resistant
The resistance of KleoTex coatings is dedicated to those who prefer long-lasting and quality materials.

Fire resistant
Safety in the workplace and in every environment is essential and KleoTex knows it. Do not settle for anything less.

KleoPel Lasting

Cuoietto leather upholstery

KleoPel Infinity

Leather upholstery

KleoPel Vintage

Leather upholstery

KleoTex Hydra

Waterproof fabric upholstery

KleoTex Colette

Fabric upholstery

KleoTex Tecnosoft

Fabric upholstery

KleoTex Soft

Fabric upholstery