KleoTex Tecnosoft fabric

KleoTex Tecnosoft

The perfect cover for the Kleos swivel office chairs from the BB100 series.​

Technical features

KleoTex TecnoSoft: soft and velvety, alcantara effect for maximum softness. Available in 12 different colors of distinct elegance.
Fabric covering of Kleos office chairs: BB129, BB131.

· Fabric composition: 100% Polyester
· Properties: water repellent
· Weight: 550 ± 5% gr / mq
· Martindale (UNI EN ISO 12947-2: 1998): 50,000 rpm
· Color fastness to rubbing (UNI EN ISO 105-X12): dry 4/5
· Color fastness to light (UNI EN ISO 105-B02): 5
· Color fastness to washing (UNI EN ISO 105-C06: 2010): 4/5
· Resistance to Pilling (UNI EN ISO 105-B02): 4

Washing indications:

Indications to remove the most common stains

Wine, soft drinks, spirits, liqueurs, beer, coffee, tea, milk: the fabric is subjected to an anti-stain treatment that protects it from liquids; for this reason it is sufficient to remove these substances with a damp cloth.

Ink from ballpoint pen, chewingum, resin, chocolate, candy: rub the stain with a cloth soaked in 90% ethyl alcohol.

Grease, oil, cosmetics: apply the foam of a neutral soap to remove the stain, then remove the traces of soap with a damp cloth.

Data sheet:

All data shown in this technical data sheet are indicative and in good faith, we reserve the right to modify them at any time in order to improve our products.
The use of the product must be evaluated according to its final use, we decline all responsibility in case of improper use.
The color may be slightly different based on the matches.