Visitors' chair BB411.2 - ergonomic chair upholstered in fabric

The visitors’ chair BB411.2 by Kleos, is the perfect meeting and conference chair to make your guests feel at home and comfortable. This ergonomic chair, especially designed to be coordinated with the office chair Kleos BB111, boasts an especially high backrest and a four-spoke base in die-cast aluminum with pins. In addition, it offers the possibility of variable seat height from 425 to 535 mm.
Furthermore, the backrest and seat of the ergonomic visitors’ chair BB411.2 consist of a single shell, made in single beech plywood, which is padded with a high-density polyurethane foam cushion and, subsequently, upholstered in fabric which guarantees a high level of comfort. 

The fire-retardant and resistant KleoTex Hydra fabric covering is available in ten different colors to match the corresponding office chair and the environment of your choosing for the BB411.2 guest and conference chair.

Visitors' chair BB411.2 technology

  • In shaped beech plywood
  • Seat width 495 mm
  • Seat depth 420 mm
  • Backrest height 530 mm
  • Fixed angle between seat and back of 105°
  • Foamed cushion in flexible polyurethane
  • Standard version in black fabric
  • In nylon
  • 4-spoke cross
  • Diameter 690 mm
  • Height 82 mm
  • Built in steel
  • Height adjustable from 410 to 530 mm
  • Aluminum telescopic external protection tube
  • Four aluminum pins
  • Diameter 22 mm
  • Height 8 mm
  • Hard or soft floor inserts

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The visitors' chair BB411.2 by Kleos is available in the following colors:

KleoTex Hydra fabric

The visitors’ chair BB411.2 by Kleos is available in different colors of your choice, covered in KleoTex Hydra fabric. Resistant to light, stains, fire and beautiful to see, it combines elegance with safety and durability over time.